Water Damage

Does water damage to your carpet have you worried about your carpet? While water damage to your carpet is something that you should be concerned with, if you call the water removal specialists at Sacramento Carpet Repair & Cleaning right now your carpet will be restored, good as new!

When it comes to water extraction time is of the essence. Water that is allowed to sit and fester will create mold and mildew colonies on your carpet. This creates a whole new set of problems to combat.

We want to prevent this from happening at all costs. When you call us and book an appointment, we are out the door and heading over to your home!

Our three step water removal process has been proven to lift every single drop of water from your carpet.

To aid us in the water removal process, please locate and eliminate the source of the water leak if possible. Then remove all home furnishings around the impacted area if safe enough to do so.

How Does Sacramento Carpet Repair & Cleaning Remove Water From Carpet?

We follow a time tested three step water removal process that is guaranteed to work for you.

Step One: Remove Water From Carpet

We eliminate the water from your carpet by using powerful water extraction technology to achieve maximum water removal.

Step Two: Dry Your Carpet

After the water is removed from your carpet, we place industrial fans throughout the damaged area to accelerate drying process.

Step Three: Inspect Carpet

Inspecting your carpet is the last step. If we find any signs of lingering damage, we will repair it.  In most cases, your carpet will only need to be re-stretched, but we can replace carpet padding if required.

Our simple three step process is guaranteed to save you money and your carpet! For more information about our water damage repair service, please give us a call today at 916-249-0140