Berber Carpet Repair

As a  Berber carpet owner, you know how difficult it can be to find a certified Berber carpet repair technician. There are not many carpet repair shops that offer Berber carpet repair because it is notoriously hard to repair due to the way it is constructed.

Berber carpet has many great attributes such as affordability and durability, but it is not invincible. Berber carpet does have a weakness that makes it susceptible to damage by pets or sharp objects.

Pets can easily cause a run or pull in your carpet simply by getting one of their claws stuck in the looped pile. The looped pile design of Berber carpet does make it difficult to patch seamlessly, but with a little hard work and years of experience, we make it happen!

Hiring a novice to repair your Berber carpet will cause irreparable damage to your Berber carpet.  You need a professional who loves the challenge of repairing Berber carpet. We are the specialists that you are looking for!

We Are Trained And Ready To Go!

Berber carpet repair is a skill that many carpet repair technicians simply don’t have. It takes time, dedication and a steady hand to get right every time.

Our IICRC certified Berber carpet repair specialists have the skills needed to perform repairs flawlessly.

When one of our specialists arrive at your home, they will carry out a quick analysis of your carpet and determine which repair will be the most effective for your carpet.

If your Berber carpet has minimal damage, we can weave in new fiber loops. If your Berber carpet has sustained significant damage, we remove the damaged section of carpet and replace it with a matching section.

If you want your Berber carpet  to look brand new, please give us a call today at 916-249-0140