Carpet Stretching

Does your carpet have unsightly ripples and bumps that seem to have appeared overnight? Are you worried about the damage these ripples and bumps will have on your carpet?

A carpet in this condition must be repaired immediately to preserve the longevity of your carpet. Most consumers do not understand how this type of damage can happen or how to remedy this problem in a cost-effective way.

When people see their carpet in this condition, some will opt to replace it versus taking the time to learn about carpet saving services like ours.

We are ready to help you save money today! Our carpet stretching repair service is an economical way to restore your carpet and extend its service life.

How Did My Carpet Get Like This?

This is a very common question that we hear from many of our clients. While there is not a one size fits all answer to this question, the most likely reason is a faulty install by a previous installer.

They installed your carpet using tools and techniques that were designed to stretch carpet in a small space, not a large room.

Whenever you walked on your carpet, it shifted ever so slightly because it was not properly installed. The result after a couple of months is a carpet that is bunched up and easy to trip on.

How Does Sacramento Carpet Repair Fix Your Carpet?

We use a power stretcher to remove the ripples and bumps in your carpet. We accomplish this by placing the head on the edge of the carpet and gripping your carpet to pull it drum tight.

Once this has been done, we attach your carpet to the tack strip. Problem solved! This repair technique is approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Certification Restoration (IICRC) as the correct way to stretch your carpet.  You do not have to worry about us cutting corners because we believe in being honest and upfront with our customers.

How Does Our Carpet Stretching Service Benefit You?

How will our carpet stretching service enhance your quality of life? Our carpet stretching service will help you:

  • Save money
  • Provide a safe home for you and your loved ones
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Extend the service life of your carpet

Contact us at 916-249-0140 for more information about our carpet stretching service!