Pet Damage

Are you a pet owner who is in need of a comprehensive solution for your pet damaged carpet? You have come to the right place! We are dedicated to making sure that your pet damage problem is eliminated.

We understand that pets have accidents or get anxiety and tear up your carpet when you leave home. These are carpet damage issues that we encounter on a regular basis, so you can rest assured knowing that we can handle this problem swiftly and efficiently.

Our repair techniques have been honed and refined to provide our customers with a seamless carpet repair experience. You will not be able to see the repair after we are done!

We promise you the bite, chew urine, or claw damage will be a thing of the past!

How Does Sacramento Carpet Repair Make Your Pet Damage Disappear?

For urine damage, we use an enzyme-based urine remover to remove the urine from your carpet. Enzymes are proteins that help jump start natural chemical reactions at the molecular level to break down the urine smell.

For severe pet damage, we will cut out the piece of damaged carpet or carpet padding and install an undamaged piece from remnant carpet. This is typically sourced from the back of your closet.

Once we are confident that the remnant piece of carpet will blend in seamlessly with your existing carpet, we will install the new piece. The result is a carpet the is free of pet damage!

If you have any questions about urine removal, pet odor removal or any other pet damage repair service,  give us a call at 916-249-0140, and we will take care of the rest!