Seam Repair

Do you have wall to wall carpet in your home that has seen better days? Are you considering replacing your carpet because you do not know what to do about the seam damage to your carpet?

It is a good thing that you found us because we can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in avoided fees, taxes, and labor costs for an unnecessary carpet replacement. Why spend the money on replacing your carpet when you do not need to?

A damaged seam in nothing to be worried about. Our expert team of carpet repair professionals can have your seam fixed very quickly and at an affordable price!

So What Does The Seam Repair Process Look Like

The whole process is easy and pain-free. When we arrive at your home, we will conduct a quick analysis of the problem area and make the following recommendation to you.

For minor damage, we usually will re-glue the seams back together using a latex adhesive.  If your carpet has experienced severe damage, this is where we will use our advanced repair method of surgically removing the damaged seam and replacing with a brand new one. After the new piece is attached, we will then re-glue the seams together.

Our team of professional seam repair specialists will make sure your seam damage becomes a distant memory!

Call 916-249-0140 today to learn more about our seam repair service!